Online Grant Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest Captain Planet Foundation Small Grants Program.

Our grant request process has changed and you will now complete your grant application online!  Please click the link below to register.

During registration, please use your e-mail address for your user-name and please make sure you keep your user-name and password in a secure location.  If your organization has submitted grant requests in the recent past, you will be able to see your grant and application history with Captain Planet Foundation.

One of the great things about our online grant request system is that you are able to save your application anytime and return later to complete it. For your convenience you will also be able to download a WORD document of the entire application to use as a working copy.  When you have completely finished and attached the required documents, “Submit” your application for review. PLEASE NOTE:  Once you hit “Submit”, you will no longer be able to access your application.

Should your application be selected for a grant, all reference material will be available online including your final report. You will be able to upload all progress reports and photos through the same log-in portal and share any ‘deliverables’ described in your grant, including: lesson plans, design plans, pictures, best practices and inspiring stories.

If you are ready to begin – Click here to register

Click here to download a word document version of the grant application to use for review.

Download Grant Guidelines here

The Captain Planet Foundation will fund as many projects as its annual resources allow.

All applicant organizations or sponsoring agencies must be exempt from federal taxation under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501, in order to be eligible for funding (this includes most schools and non-profit organizations).

September 30th- typically for spring and summer projects
January 31st- typically for fall and winter projects

The Captain Planet Foundation primarily makes grants to U.S.-based schools and organizations with an annual operating budget of less than $3 million.

Grants are made for activities that conform to the mission of the Captain Planet Foundation which is to: promote and support high-quality educational programs that enable children and youth to understand and appreciate our world through learning experiences that engage them in active, hands-on projects to improve the environment in their schools and communities.

Grants from the Captain Planet Foundation are intended to:

  • Serve as a catalyst to getting environment-based education in schools, and
  • Inspire youth and communities to participate in community service through environmental stewardship activities.

Preferential consideration is given to requests seeking seed funding of $500 or less and to applicants who have secured at least 50% matching or in-kind funding for their projects. (Projects with matching funds or in-kind support are given priority because external funding is a good indicator of the potential for long-term sustainability of the activities.) Captain Planet Foundation will on occasion consider grants up to $2,500. In the event a request exceeds $500 Captain Planet Foundation may choose to fund a portion of the project budget that best fits within the foundation guidelines or contact an applicant for further discussion.

(Note: Please do not contact the office for information about the status of your application. Unfortunately, due to limited staffing, CPF cannot respond to individual applicants regarding the status or disposition of applications.)

Restrictions on Use of Funds

Captain Planet Foundation funds may not be used for:

  • Capital or building campaigns, purchase of real estate, or endowments
  • General operating expenses, salaries, or stipends
  • Beautification projects
  • Travel costs
  • Field trips that are not an essential part of the proposed project (if included, identify the purpose of the field trip above, under “project activities.”)
  • Scholarships to fund attendance to summer camps or other similar facilities
  • Expensive equipment that can only be used once, used only by a small number of children, or is principally being purchased for the general use of the school or organization beyond the stated needs of project.
  • Promotional items such as t-shirts, flyers, postcards, or signage

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I submit my application?

A. The Captain Planet Foundation only accepts grant proposals through our web portal. Click Here to register your organization. If you cannot submit your grant proposal via our web portal please contact Please Note: Grant proposals will not be accepted in the mail without prior permission.

Q. How will I know if my grant has been awarded?

A.  Captain Planet Foundation will notify your organization via email with a decision (either way)  in Mid-May for the grant round ending January 31st and Late-December for the grant round ending September 30th  Your organization can also follow the progress of your grant proposal through the CPF web portal.

Q. If my organization’s grant proposal was not selected for funding, how long do I need to wait before resubmitting the application?

A. If your organization’s grant proposal was not selected for funding your organization must wait one grant round before resubmitting the grant proposal. For example, if your organization applied for a grant in grant round ending January 31st, 2012, you must wait until the grant round ending January 31st, 2013 to resubmit.

Q. If my organization’s grant proposal was selected for funding, how long do I need to wait to submit another grant proposal?

A. If your organization’s grant proposal was selected for funding your organization must wait two grant rounds before submitting another grant proposal. For example, if you applied for a grant in the grant round ending January 31st, 2012, you must wait until the grant round ending September 30, 2013 to submit another proposal.