Captain Planet & the Planeteers

Captain Planet & the PlaneteersCaptain Planet & the Planeteers was a cartoon show produced by Ted Turner & Barbara Pyle and which aired from 1990-1996. In the show, Gaia, the spirit of the planet, assembles a team of five young “planeteers” from nations around the world, who can summon Captain Planet to help them solve ecological and other global problems “by their powers combined.” In the original mythology of the show as imagined by Pyle, Captain Planet was intended  to represent more of a metaphor of what is possible when kids work together to solve problems. The show was widely acclaimed for its treatment  difficult issues such as pollution, poaching, deforestation, as well as more social issues including drug addiction, HIV/ AIDS, and bullying in a way that educated, entertained, but also activated its young audience. Though it has been off the air for more than two decades, Captain Planet lives on in the minds of many real-world “Planeteers”  as a symbol of becoming a superhero for planet Earth.

The Captain Planet Foundation was first established as a corporate foundation to support youth-led efforts inspired by the show. The organization became an independent nonprofit organization in 2001.

Smog Hog

Season 1, Episode 15

In Smog Hog, Hoggish Greedly steals a car factory and takes the owner hostage. The Planeteers must save her and get Greedly to stop producing his smog by creating road hogs before the town can no longer breathe.

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The Fine Print

In The Fine Print, Looten Plunder exploits an agricultural worker’s hidden shame — illiteracy — by putting the man in charge of spraying pesticides. He can’t read the written warnings, and as a result, he creates a lethal cloud that threatens a nearby town. Can the Planeteers and Captain Planet clean up the air before it’s too late?

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