Superheroes in the Field

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Alec Loorz

2010 Superhero for Earth Award

Alec Loorz founded the group Kids vs. Global Warming to empower and educate young people. His organization has held workshops, actions and marches across the country to help youths realize that they have the power to take on an issue of global proportions. 

Alec’s journey into climate activism began when he saw Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” at the age of 12. In order to convince a skeptical friend that global warming is real, Alec began researching climate change and soon put together a presentation for his classmates. Since then, Alec has addressed about 300,000 people with speeches and presentations across the country and is known as one of the prominent youth voices in the climate-change debate. When Alec is not busy with activism, he writes, blogs, makes music and works and interns at a jet propulsion laboratory.