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Arabia Mountain High School

Arabia Mountain

High School

2011 Green School Award

Arabia Mountain High School defines leadership in environmental education. While many schools may teach lessons about environment, Arabia Mountain High School’s entire curriculum captures environmental issues. Every student conducts investigative research that connects each content standard, participates in service learning for the community, and defends findings to local businesses that have the ability to implement the student’s’ design plans. By having students construct their own theories and experiments, they are well-prepared to enter college or the work force as leaders in the environment. Students with more hands-on experience gain a better understanding of the connections between the subjects they study in school and the world outside their school walls. The poignant understanding of human and environmental interactions results in better attendance, healthier students and a 100% graduation rate. The majority of their students alter their career goals towards environment based on the curriculum.

Arabia Mountain High School (AMHS) is the first public school in the state of Georgia to achieve LEED Certification, obtaining Silver Certification, AMHS hosts the Dekalb County School System’s Environmental Energy and Engineering Program, and has used the Environment as an Integrated Context (EIC) model to improve student achievement by using the local, natural and community surroundings as a context for learning. 

Arabia Mountain High School will continue to serve as an exemplary leader for other schools’ curricula development as they invite community members, businesses, and school officials into conversation about sustainability for environmental education.