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Coda Christopherson

2018 Young Superhero for Earth Award


Hi everyone, my name is Coda Christopherson.

I am very passionate about the ocean. As soon as I heard that all its sealife was getting ruined by plastic, I jumped in to save it. The first thing to do is start with schools. Most of our plastic gets thrown away there, which is why I dream of a plastic free school. By replacing single-use plastics with reusable tools, we can save over 1 ton of plastic per school from getting into the ocean or landfills every year.

At my plastic free school, every teacher, student and supervisor would care about preserving our planet. We would all be aware of the horrible plastic pollution. We could freely grab metal forks, spoons, and knives at lunch and we would never use styrofoam. We would use reusable water bottles instead, and beach cleanups would be common. At my plastic free school, we believe in rights for the ocean and respect the planet.

Please join me to make this dream a reality. Thank you!
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