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CPF Team

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Karan Wood

Director, CPF Institute

Karan Wood is the Director of the CPF Institute where she works to empower teachers to engage their students in the sort of outdoor learning experiences that that inspire a lifelong love of nature and motivate children to take care of the Earth. With a rich knowledge in STEM and Environmental education theory and practice, Karan is leading CPF’s effort to develop SAGES (Science for All Generations through Environmental Stewardship), a comprehensive, project-based, cutting-edge curriculum and framework that employs the principles of three-dimensional science to teach STEM concepts using the environment as context for learning. To provide teachers with the most useful tools and strategies, Karan draws as much on lessons learned from inspirational educators as her own experience. She has also taught AP Environmental Science; advised, written, and edited exemplary K-12 STEM and environmental science lessons for the Georgia Dept. of Education and several non-profit organizations; presented professional development workshops; and written articles on best practices in environmental education for journals, newsletters, and websites. She currently coordinates the Council Of Outdoor Learning’s mini-grant program and reviews/edits STEM lesson submissions for an engineering education web site.