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Lil Peppi

At Earth Day Kid’s Fest 2009, sponsored by the Captain Planet Foundation and Chattahoochee Nature Center, Lil Peppi performed several of his songs for the crowd. Lil Peppi, only 10, of Miami is a super young talent with an inspiring rap calling us to protect the earth.

Cardell Hopkins, better known as ‘Lil Peppi, is spreading his positive, eco-friendly messages to the world via YouTube. As a 10-year old boy living in Tampa, Florida, ‘Lil Peppi performed for large audiences across the nation during the Earth Day Kids Fest in Atlanta, Kaleidoscope Festival in Ballast Point and as a host for Whole Foods Market’s during a six-part environmental series, “Whole Earth Generation,” on the company’s YouTube site. His music integrates child-appropriate lyrics with positive messages and unique topics regarding the environment, such as “Melting Ice” and “Mother Nature’s Crying”. ‘Lil Peppi is truly a young leader of environmental awareness for the masses.