Youth Advisory Committee

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May Seydel

15, Georgia

May Seydel is in 9th grade, she loves her friends, her family, camp, and especially the environment. Ever since May was little, she has adored animals, plants, and nature in general. Despite stepping on one too many Copperhead snakes, she loves our planet, and she wants to protect it the way it’s protected her. May was raised surrounded by nature, she was taught how to plant seeds, and she has always had access to fresh produce. May wants the same for future generations and kids around America, and May plans to push this cause. May is so proud and honored to be a part of the Captain Planet Foundation Youth Committee(CPFYC). Outside of her passion for our planet, May really loves gardening, snow skiing, and a little running here and there. When she was little, every spring, her dad would get May and her siblings a cherry tomato plant and they’d keep it on their brick patio. Even though it was just one tomato plant, it really sparked May’s love for gardening, because now she has 3 tomato plants(maybe a few other plants too, but they’re irrelevant). Snow Skiing has consumed her life every winter, despite living in Hotlanta, Georgia. Every year, May’s extended family goes skiing together, and every year it’s the best trip of the year. She is so thankful for my family and for the opportunity to spend time with them and to go snow skiing at all. Finally, May joined cross country for the first time this year as a freshman. Though She might be the worst on our Junior Varsity(JV) team, at least she’s having fun! Cross Country is by far one of the most difficult sports May has ever done, but doing sports with your friends is absolutely life changing. May will say, proudly, that in the beginning of the season(August) she ran a 10 minute mile, and now(October) she’s able to run a 7 minute mile. With a little dedication, passion, and love, you can achieve anything.