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Steff McDermot

Steff McDermot

2018 Young Superhero for Earth Award


Estefania (Steff) McDermot has stepped forward as a fierce defender of the blue seas surrounding her home of the Cayman Islands. For generations, her family has dived, fished, and built boats to live on the waters teeming with life, but today it’s more common for her to see plastic floating across the harbor, dead coral, algae blooms, and mountains of trash on the beaches. Steff attended the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp to build international support to back her work to pressure the island nation to take meaningful action to address the problem. This summer, in partnership with Plastic Free Cayman, Steff created the 345 Pledge that provides businesses and individuals a stepwise plan to reducing their plastic consumption by committing to make 3 immediate changes, 4 changes within 6 months, and 5 changes within the next year towards achieving a plastic-free Cayman Island. Learn More