International Partners

Garden Organic

PLG in London

With generous support from Seeds of Change, Captain Planet Foundation will partner with Garden Organic to pilot Project Learning Garden in London, UK.  Thirty (30) London schools will receive the Project Learning Garden program resources (curriculum and supporting supplies, mobile cooking cart, raised bed gardens and professional development), implemented by Garden Organic and adapted to the UK National Standards.  Garden Organic leads the Food Growing Schools: London partnership, an ambitious three year program supported by the Big Lottery Fund and the Mayor of London which aims to get all London schools growing their own food.  This pilot will build on Garden Organic’s work with London schools and allow them to expand to more schools with a new program.
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Birdcall Recognition App

Warblr is a UK-based social enterprise that is bringing technology bird research and conservation work in new ways. The Warblr bird call recognition app for smartphones uses deep machine learning to ‘listen’ and recognize bird calls, getting ‘smarter’ with each recording. CPF is working with Warblr and the Atlanta Audubon Society to bring the technology to the United States and ‘teach’ the system calls of North American bird species. The app will be made available free to schools that use the free lessons provided.

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Global Minimum

Makers in African Nations

Global Minimum (GMin) is a charitable international organization that encourages young innovators and leaders in Africa to engage with critical thinking skills and hands-on learning programs to tackle challenges affecting their communities. GMin provides enabling tools, safe space, workshops, mentorship, resources and network, ultimately equipping young people in Africa with unique opportunities to take their future into their own hands. Captain Planet Foundation has supported GMin by providing ecoSTEM Kits for their InLabs in Sierra Leone and Kenya

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I am EcoWarrior Foundation

Connecting Visionaries for Change

I Am EcoWarrior Foundation is a crowd-sourced social movement that mobilizes and connects visionaries, innovators, and creators to inspire and engage the global community in a sustainable future for our planet. The foundation and CPF share common objectives of raising ecological consciousness, encouraging and promoting “Eco-warriors”, and mobilizing and matching funds for sustainable development goals we want to impact. CPF works with IAEW Foundation to leverage both networks to new heights.

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It's Our World

It’s Our World is committed to providing vibrant snapshots of how children and young people of the British Isles view the urban, rural, and coastal environments in which they live. In what started as an effort to create the largest online collection of artwork created by the nation’s future custodians, It’s Our World is working with the Captain Planet Foundation to bring some of those creative inspirations to life by funding environmental projects that “bring to life” the landscapes children have depicted in their artwork.

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Mayor's Fund for London

City Pitch

Each year, The Mayor’s Fund for London sponsors a City Pitch event to give young Londoners the opportunity to present their community project proposals to their peers and a panel of experts. The “pitch” is for a share of the funding pot dedicated to bringing those ideas to life. The young participants work with mentors from the nonprofit and private sector to develop their proposals and hone their pitching skills. In Summer 2016, the City Pitch event focused on solutions to environmental challenges in the city and Captain Planet Foundation participated as a funding partner and judging panel member.

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