Research & Rationale

The work of Captain Planet Foundation has been shaped by seminal research about how children connect with nature and learn science; how people come to care about and prioritize the environment; and what factors affect one’s sense of hopelessness or empowerment in the face of challenges. Check out this key research and its impact on … Read more

Exploring the Role of the Gray Wolf

Gray wolf howling

Grantee: Aurora High School Grant Type: Project Hero Description: 30 Students taking IB Biology at Aurora High School in Aurora, Colorado had the opportunity to explore and debate the role of the endangered Gray Wolf in the ecosystem of the Southern Rockies with experts, and even had an opportunity to come face to face with … Read more

The Rocky Mountain Ecosystem Needs Your Help

In the Rocky Mountain Wolf Quest students will be challenged to research and debate the various positions around the reintroduction of wolves to the Southwestern Rockies. The Quest will lead them on a journey of Uncovering and Exploring the facts and perceptions behind wolves and their reintroduction, and how wolf reintroduction would effect the people … Read more

Sign Up for Pollinator Quest and Soil Quests on the Project Hero Platform

Pollinator Quest and Soil Quest offer pathways for teachers and students to engage with their gardens and other outdoor spaces through meaningful and relevant projects. Along with raising student awareness about topics related to a species in crisis in their local environment, students are guided along natural pathways to empathy, engagement, and empowerment, through participation in projects that matter. About Project … Read more

List of Freebies for Science Teachers Including Project Hero

Hands holding a small plant in soil

By NSTA Check out this list of freebies for science teachers including Project Hero in the Summer issue of NSTA. Project Hero is a nationwide initiative from the Captain Planet Foundation teaches K–12 students about threatened and vulnerable animals and plants and where they live and empowers them to design and implement real-life solutions. Read … Read more

CPF President Leesa Carter-Jones talks exciting new initiatives

Listen to Leesa Carter-Jones, Captain Planet Foundation President & CEO, on the new episode of Mama Earth Talk podcast. Learn more about CPF programs including Project Learning Garden, the Institute for K-12 Science, Project Hero, EcoSTEM Resource Kits, as well as Ocean Heroes Bootcamp. Find on:StitcheriTunes

Pollinator Quest now available on Project Hero

Pollinators of United States need your help!Spring is in the air, and that means pollinators are buzzing about, helping pollinate the plants around us! But pollinators are in trouble and they need your students’ help. Join the Pollinator Quest today on Project Hero, a program of the Captain Planet Foundation, and help your students become heroes … Read more