Garden Spies

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Garden Spies Students will observe wildlife and analyze images in the garden by making and using periscopes and other image-capturing devices which work because of light reflection and refraction of angles. Students can also create hyperlapse videos using cameras or smartphones. Infragram is an online tool for analyzing plant health … Read more

Garden Biochemistry

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Garden Biochemistry Students will explore compounds, mixtures, emulsions, states of matter, and physical and chemical changes using food harvested from the school garden. Students will also engage in an engineering design challenge to build a solar garden cooker to demonstrate their understanding of heat transfer and insulation. Concepts: Physical & … Read more

Air Chemistry in the Garden

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Air Chemistry in the Garden Students will conduct an ozone bio-monitoring citizen science project and other investigations of air pollution in the vicinity of the school garden. Students will also create a classroom air-filtering garden and explore ways to reduce air pollution using an online interactive app. Concepts: Air Pollution … Read more

Secret Life of Plants

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Secret Life of Plants Students will investigate unseen plant processes to discover evidence of photosynthesis including observations of stomata for transpiration and gas exchange, and detection of the presence of photosynthetic pigments that absorb light, using chromatography. Concepts: Plants | Photosynthesis Essential Questions: What happens during photosynthesis and how do … Read more

Herbal Remedies: Myth or Medicine?

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Herbal Remedies: Myth or Medicine? Students will learn about plants that have traditionally been used for medicinal purposes; make their own herbal remedies; research plant adaptations to understand what properties protect plants from predators and disease and how those properties might also be effective in protecting people from disease or … Read more

Garden Wars

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Garden Wars Students will investigate role of pests and predators in an organic garden by observing symbiotic relationships. Students will also participate in the Lost Ladybug citizen science project and design a project to attract and/ or release beneficial insects, such as green lacewings or ladybugs, to eat aphids. Concepts: … Read more

Rain Garden to the Rescue

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Rain Gardens to the Rescue Students will measure the impervious area on campus, including the school building and paved surfaces, in order to calculate the size of a rain garden large enough to filter the “first flush” of runoff from a rainstorm; then observe the flow of runoff on school … Read more

A Little Water Goes a Long Way

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE A Little Water Goes a Long Way Students will investigate ways to conserve water in the garden and grow healthy plants during near-drought conditions, test and compare the effectiveness of different water saving techniques, and implement at least one best practice in the school garden. Concepts: Water | Irrigation Essential … Read more

Down & Dirty

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Down & Dirty Students will investigate the structure and characteristics of soils in the schoolyard and in the garden based on texture, composition, nutrients, and fertility. Concepts: Soils Essential Questions What kind of soils are in our garden or schoolyard? How can different soils be characterized? What can we do … Read more