Chemistry in the Kitchen

COLLECTION UPPER ELEMENTARY  |  SCIENCE  |  NUTRITION Chemistry in the Kitchen Students will complete the red cabbage chemistry experiment to observe a chemical change. Then students will demo multiple recipes and classify the changes as physical or chemical, including: mixing a salad, making a smoothie, making popsicles, making sun tea, making pancakes, observing oxidizing apples, sauteing … Read more

At Home: Creating Convincing Posters Around Food Choices

EXPLORATION UPPER ELEMENTARY  |  HISTORY; PERSUASIVE LANGUAGE At Home: Creating Convincing Posters Around Food Choices Students will examine how World War I posters influenced food choices, and create their own posters to influence healthy eating. Time 45 Minutes Setting Inside Collection Group THE PRESENCE OF POPPIES AND POSSIBILITIES OF POTATOES   Standards SS5H8  The student … Read more

Making Your Own “Eating a Rainbow” Book

  EXPLORATION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  |  HEALTH & NUTRITION; ART Make your Own “Eating a Rainbow” Book Students will create their own version of an “Eating a Rainbow” book based on their own experiences with foods of different colors. Time 45 minutes Setting Inside Collection Group Eating a Rainbow   Standards SKL1c. Students will group plants … Read more

Plant Parts Salad

COLLECTION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY |  HEALTH & NUTRITION | SCIENCE  Plant Parts Salad Students will harvest vegetables from the garden, taste a variety of plants and learn about their nutritional value. Students will learn parts of a plant by making a ‘plant parts salad.’ Concepts: Plant Parts | Healthy Choices Essential Questions How can we identify each of … Read more