Shaking Down the Soil

EXPLORATION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  |  SCIENCE Shaking Down the Soil Students will use senses to observe and analyze soils and earth materials. Time 1 Hour Setting Inside Collection Group Sorting Out Soils   Standards SKE2b. Students will use senses to observe soils by physical attributes such as smell, texture, color, particle or grain size, etc. SKE2c. … Read more

Sense of a Place

COLLECTION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  |  SCIENCE Sense of a Place Students will use their senses to explore the schoolyard and write a poem about what they see, hear, smell, feel, and taste. Deeper explorations for each of the senses are included such as creating a sound map or completing a scavenger hunt for different textures or … Read more

Garden Spies

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Garden Spies Students will observe wildlife and analyze images in the garden by making and using periscopes and other image-capturing devices which work because of light reflection and refraction of angles. Students can also create hyperlapse videos using cameras or smartphones. Infragram is an online tool for analyzing plant health … Read more

Garden Biochemistry

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Garden Biochemistry Students will explore compounds, mixtures, emulsions, states of matter, and physical and chemical changes using food harvested from the school garden. Students will also engage in an engineering design challenge to build a solar garden cooker to demonstrate their understanding of heat transfer and insulation. Concepts: Physical & … Read more