Square Foot Garden

COLLECTION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  |  SCIENCE & MATH Square Foot Garden Students will review how plants grow and what plants need to grow through kinesthetic modeling. An optional experiment is included to view the effect of plant spacing. Finally, students create square foot gardens, reviewing math concepts of fractions and measuring length. Concepts: Plant Needs | … Read more

Garden Safari

COLLECTION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  |  SCIENCE Garden Safari Students will use their senses to explore objects from the schoolyard and then classify them as living or non-living, developing descriptors for each of the two classifications. Further explorations demonstrate plant movement (as a qualifier for being “living”) and provide an opportunity for students to sort plants based … Read more

Plant Parts Salad

COLLECTION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY |  HEALTH & NUTRITION | SCIENCE  Plant Parts Salad Students will harvest vegetables from the garden, taste a variety of plants and learn about their nutritional value. Students will learn parts of a plant by making a ‘plant parts salad.’ Concepts: Plant Parts | Healthy Choices Essential Questions How can we identify each of … Read more