Soil Quest

Restoring Our Earth Through Our Soil

The dirt under your feet matters. Project Hero’s Soil Quest takes students on an exploration of the difference between healthy and unhealthy soils. Through this Quest, created with Kiss the Ground and powered by Captain Planet Foundation, students learn the essentials of how cultivating healthy soil can help combat climate change - culminating a soil restoration project!

Find out how to dig deep with our Soil Quest or one of CPF’s other Project Hero Quests:

Restoring Our Earth Through Our Youth

Fighting for climate justice is no easy battle. Usher’s New Look (UNL) and Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) are joining forces to engage youth leaders and advocates on how they can be part of the change. On April 24th, we will hold the first Disruptivate Environmental Justice Summit to educate, support and develop passion-driven environmental justice ChangeMakers.

Register for the Disruptivate Environmental Justice Summit and find out about future 2021 Summits below!


Restoring Our Earth Through Our Oceans

Under the sea lie some of the most at-risk creatures and ecosystems on our planet. The Oceans Heroes Network channels the potential of emerging youth leaders to solve the problems that are most detrimental to our oceans, including plastic pollution and climate change. Through OHN, which is powered by Captain Planet Foundation and Lonely Whale, we’re equipping youth with the tools to transform their passion for ocean health into tide-turning campaigns.

Register for a 2021 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp beginning May 4th or sign the waiting list today!

Restoring Our Earth Through Our Food

Captain Planet Foundation is bringing back Project Giving Gardens for summer 2021 in both the Atlanta and San Francisco Bay metro areas. With the help of many incredible community organizations, PGG urban gardeners will plant, harvest, and distribute fresh produce from 100+ schools and community garden partners to Food Banks and local food pantries. In summer 2020, PGG gardens grew over 100,000 pounds of fresh food (over 400,000 servings!) for Atlanta students and families hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis. Sign up your school or become a supporter today!

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