Principles of Three Dimensional Science

The difference between learning to DO science vs. ABOUT science.

Three-Dimensional Learning in science is the difference between learning to  DO science vs. ABOUT science.  An outcome of the National Research Council’s (NRC) Framework on proficiency in science, the three dimensions integrate science and engineering practices, core ideas, and crosscutting concepts to create performance-based science and problem-solving experiences. Captain Planet Foundation is committed to building teacher capacity to facilitate Three-Dimensional Science using the environment as a context for learning.

Individual Resources

Science & Engineering Practices

Learn more about the eight key science & engineering practices emphasized throughout the Three-Dimensional Science model

Crosscutting Concepts

Learn more about the seven cross-cutting concepts emphasized throughout the Three-Dimensional Science model

Disciplinary Core Ideas

Learn more about disciplinary core ideas in physical, life, earth, and engineering science scaffolded throughout the Three-Dimensional Science model

Engineering Design Process

Learn more about Engineering Design Process integral to the Three-Dimensional Science model