Energy-saving stoves and Sustainable Fruit Tree Planting in Uganda

Grantee: Hands of Action Uganda – Kamapala, Eastern Uganda

Project Title: Energy-saving stoves & Sustainable Fruit Tree Planting

Grant Description: The Hands of Action Uganda project promotes sustainable energy-saving stoves in order to avoid deforestation in communities. In order to demonstrate their usefulness, fifteen forest saving stoves were built in three rural communities and five were built in five different primary schools in Bududa District, Bukibokolo Sub-county.

Workshops provided information on the importance of conserving and preserving forests. Fruit trees were also planted by the schools and the communities. This project helps student understand how to solve socio-economic problems as a driving force for future environmental management

Program Impact: Over 150 students and over 15 community members attended the workshops in order to learn the about the new technology of energy-saving stoves. They’ve noticed the adoption of the stoves by many members in the community and other primary schools.

Through the available fruit trees, children are now assured to receive a balanced diet and a mid-day meal so that they can concentrate on their studies. The children who participated in the workshops are happy to report that they have managed to train other schools. The schools are excited to have woodlots from which they can earn some income once they are ready for harvesting, being able to make meals at school, have tree shade that will act as wind breakers and provide afternoon shades where teachers can use to teach the children and as resting.

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