Scarecrows and Ladybugs

Students will hunt for bugs in the schoolyard garden and research to determine if they are pests or beneficial insects. They will then take a closer look at at pests and model how they spread and discuss different ways to prevent them. Lastly, students will take a closer look at beneficial insects such as pollinators and discuss methods for protecting and providing for them.

Essential Questions

  • How can we provide or protect what beneficial insects need to grow and thrive?
  • How can we control the growth of pest populations?

Standards Addressed

  • S3L2a. Students will explain the effects of pollution to the habitats of plants and animals.
  • S3L2b. Students will identify ways to protect the environment (conservation of resources, recycling of materials).

Explorations in this Collection


Looking Closer at Beneficial Insects

Looking Closer at Pests

Looking Closer at Pests


Hunting for Bugs