CPF’s Project Learning Gardens fosters sustainability, healthy eating habits at Pa. school

Students and teachers at Marlborough Elementary School hold a banner for the Dole garden

Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Mattie Stepanek

One of those wonderful gifts of collaboration for us is Project Learning Gardens. It started with just a handful of gardens 8 years ago and know we’ve fostered these outdoor learning labs at nearly 600 schools across the globe.

The program’s pillars have remained the same over the years: best practices in project-based learning and schoolyard garden programs and researching what practices shape eating behaviors in children as they grow.

We recently started yet another garden at Marlborough Elementary School in Green Lane, Pennsylvania. Thanks to Principal Allison Stephens; Green Lane Mayor Lynn Wolfe; lead 2nd Grade teacher Heather Levan, who applied for the grant, and all the school board members, students and parents who will keep this garden growing!

Student holding a bin with tomatoes and peppers

Summer 2021 was an amazing one for PLG. Take a look at some of the other garden harvests and garden launches that took place this summer below:

From seed to plate: Gardening project launched at Belvoir elementary school

Quatama Elementary students learn to garden with new plant beds

New Wilmington garden will see growth from plants – and the kids who tend it