Communications Manager

Captain Planet Foundation is seeking an experienced Communications Specialist with digital marketing experience to join our team. Your work will focus on leveraging media, communications, technology and storytelling to support our programs that engage and empower young people to be problem solvers for the planet. Joining the Captain Planet Foundation team is the perfect opportunity for a detail-oriented, creatively minded person looking to move an organization with huge name recognition and a strong reputation to the cutting edge of social media, storytelling, and audience development. TO START IN APRIL 2021.

Project Giving Garden Growers

Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) is seeking a team of growers to activate school gardens to help bridge the growing gap between students and nutritious food options. Food scarcity is a growing problem in our communities as the result of the impacts of COVID-19, but together, we are combining our respective resources to combat this crisis head-on. This leads us to you. We are looking for growers interested in overseeing 8-10 gardens during the 2021 growing season. Feb-Sept in GA; May-Sept in CA.

Cole Ezeilo