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Project Learning Garden 2020 Application is Live!

CPF Gala

Captain Planet Foundation "Gardens are the Gateway" Gala Recap

Thank you for making the
Gardens are the Gateway one of the
best Galas we've had! Catch up
on all the highlights.

Apply Now for Ocean Heroes Bootcamp 2020!

From June 26-29th 2020, over 300 Students from the around the world will gather in Vancouver to learn the science, skills, resources, and global network needed to take direct action to address the plastic pollution crisis and make a difference in their community.

Empowering Next Generation Changemakers


Empowering educators to engage students in authentic discovery using the environment as the context for student learning.

Youth Empowerment
Youth Empowerment

Empowering youth to think both critically AND creatively to create change in their community.

Planeteer Legacy
Planeteer Legacy

First airing in 1990 Captain Planet and the Planeteers legacy still lives on today.