2018 Young Superhero for Earth


Estefania (Steff) is a 17 year old girl from the Cayman Islands where she attends the University of Cayman Islands. Her life revolves around the water, where she fishes and dives all around her home, but she will never see the island and ocean like her grandfather remembers. Today it is considered normal to see plastic straws and cups floating across the water, dead coral, and algae blooms.

Steff is putting forth a proposal to ban polystyrene from the Islands, but she recognizes that government corruption will make this proposal difficult, especially because the founders of Dart Enterprises, creator of the Solo Cup, are a major landowner.

Her request to the panelists was for international support to help her spotlight the plastic pollution issues in the Cayman Islands, to pressure the government of Cayman Islands to act, and to start the domino effect towards a plastic-free Caribbean. Learn More