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CPF Institute

Institute Resources

The CPF Institute offers professional learning workshops, webinars, courses, online resources, supplies and materials for educators in formal (school) and informal (out-of-school) settings. We’ll be adding many more resources to the Institute in the coming months.

Explore the workshop resources that Captain Planet offers!

Explore and display the three dimensions of 3D Science with these posters.

Unsure how to guide and evaluate students’ proficiency at arguing from evidence? Try this graphic organizer and rubric with your class.

SAGES provides lesson frameworks for the new Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science that uses students’ local environment as the context for learning.

Interested in integrating Environmental Stewardship Projects as part of your teaching, but not sure how to guide or evaluate students’ work? Try this form and rubric as a tool to help you.

Georgia’s new science standards go into effect for the  2017-18 school year. Click to download the new standards and the crosswalk to the previous standards.

Try using this form for observing and evaluating 3-Dimensional Science in the Schoolyard.

This American Land is a show that opens windows to our country’s amazing natural heritage and reports on engaging stories of students and teachers undertaking projects to solve environmental problems, with small grants from Captain Planet Foundation.