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Mobile Cooking Cart

There is no better way to get kids eating fruits and vegetables than to make fun and tasty snacks with the vegetables they have grown.

Our stainless steel Mobile Cooking Cart arrives complete with: a Vitamix blender, an induction burner, and all of the pots, pans, & utensils you need to make vegetables from your gardens into the snacks that students love!

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Our collection of school and kid-tested recipes provide you with fun, simple, and tasty options that can be easily prepared by kids using vegetables grown right in your schoolyard.

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School Garden Cookbook

Conceived and tested by FoodCorps member, Bang Tran, Captain Planet Foundation produced and published this wonderful School Garden Cookbook.  This book is full of easy, colorful, and tasty recipes you can cook right in your classroom with produce from the garden.  It also has wonderful tricks of the trade for doing tasting events with your students.

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