Project Learning Garden

Gardens & Tools


Garden Beds

Project Learning Garden provides your school with five 4'x4' raised beds (approx. 80 square feet of total growing space) to get your schoolyard garden started. These beds offer an opportunity for younger students to learn shapes, while older students calculate area, volume, and other measurements. The deep root bed offers additional growing space and extra support for healthy root crops.


Each school receives:

  • 5 – 4’x4’ square beds (13" deep)

The kits are manufactured by Gronomics from beautiful, untreated western cedar, which is naturally rot-resistant. Beds arrive ready to assemble with clear instructions for putting them together tool-free. The beds are pre-drilled and ready to receive hardware to support your garden sign (shipped separately). You'll just need a couple of small wrenches to tighten it into place.

Garden Cart & Hand Tools

The Project Learning Garden Garden Cart comes packed with tools to help turn any schoolyard into an outdoor learning environment. From trowels and gloves for getting the work done – to hand lenses and measuring tapes for observing and exploring – the Garden Cart makes sure that teachers have easy access to outdoor learning support materials.

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Garden Sign

Learning can take place in the gardens even when teachers aren’t around! This interpretive metal sign, printed on highly durable material, provides information and activity prompts that connect learning to the gardens for everyone.