Garden Explorations

Gardens can be used to create context and for teaching/applying concepts and skills across all subjects. Project Learning Garden provides numerous lesson activities or “Explorations” (organized thematically in “Collections”) for every grade level – Early Childhood through 8th Grade.  These Explorations can be easily integrated into your scope and sequence and are aligned to support Common Core and Next Generation Science standards.


PDF Downloads

Literacy Kits

We have curated a selection of age-appropriate books to accompany most of the Project Learning Garden Explorations. Additionally, some Explorations contain a list of other recommended books.

Reading books to the class can be a great way to prepare for a garden lessons and spark students’ imaginations.  Selected books encourage students to embrace new garden and culinary Explorations.

Material Kits

We know that all teachers and schools are dealing with limited resource and supply budgets.

So we supply a PLG Materials Kit with everything necessary to begin implementing Project Learning Garden Explorations. From ping pong balls to food coloring, these supplies are meant to supplement your typical classroom supplies with harder to find materials.

Supplies are organized by category: Craft Supplies, Scientific Instruments, and Kitchen Supplies. Each item may be used across multiple activities as well as beyond the Project Learning Garden curriculum. The PLG Materials Kit comes with several classes’ worth of consumables, and most items are easily replaced. Other items such as solar beads and owl pellets may be restocked through science departments.