PLG School Certification

Your school has your Project Learning Garden beds and materials — what’s next!? Announcing the Project Learning Garden School Certification program! Project Learning Garden schools across the US can show their pride in being a CERTIFIED Project Learning Garden School with a framed certificate updated each year by meeting a few modest requirements.

And the benefits? Oh, you’re going to want to do this! In addition to receiving your framed certificate that is updated each year, Certified Project Learning Garden Schools quality for exclusive perks and opportunities including seeds and starts, contests, spotlights, trainings, give-aways, volunteer work days, and more. Schools that maintain their certification for five years are also eligible to receive Rejuvenation Grants of $1000 to enhance your garden spaces.

Requirements for becoming a Certified Project Learning Garden School:

  • At least TWO educators in your school have completed PLG Teacher 101 (link to register)
  • Complete a survey at the beginning of the year with goals for the PLG garden space & materials
  • Complete a survey at the end of the year reporting on how your school used the PLG garden space & materials

Get Certified for 2023-24 School Year

Complete this short survey to get the ball towards PLG Certification rolling! In this inaugural year, all schools that complete this SPRING 2023 Survey and have at least two teachers who have completed PLG Teacher 101 by August 31 will be certified for 2023-24 school year, and will receive a framed certificate in the fall. In September, we’ll send out the Fall Survey that will start your path towards certification for the following school year. If you do not have at least two teachers at your school who have completed PLG Teacher 101, please encourage them to REGISTER at this link.