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Woodland MS

Garden Basics: Planning a Workday

Garden Workdays can serve to not only expedite the tasks at hand but to also…

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Garden Basics: Summer Garden Maintenance

Summertime means time away from school, but what about the garden? It’s a great growing…

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Growing Guide: Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

The time to harvest your sweet potatoes is when the leaves start to yellow and…

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Growing Guide: Greens

Preparation Before planting your greens, be sure to choose a location that receives full and…

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Growing Guide: Edible Plant Parts – Roots

Preparation Because root vegetables grow out of sight under ground, it is important to make…

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three sisters

Growing Guide: Three Sisters

The tradition of planting corn, pole beans, and squash together is a Native American method…

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Growing Guide: Sunflowers

Preparation Wait until the soil temperature reaches 55-60F. Choose a location with direct sunlight for…

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Growing Guide: Sugar Snap Peas

Preparation Remove all weeds and trash from the planting area. Till the soil 8 to…

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edible flower

Growing Guide: Edible Flowers

Eating Flowers Edible flowers include any flower that isn’t poisonous or that may cause a…

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Growing Guide: Herbs

Herbs are a fragrant and tasty addition to any garden. Preparation Before planting anything, be…

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Garden Basics: Weeds

Tips on Weed Control We can all agree that weeds are certainly a nuisance, however…

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