PLG Pre-Launch Survey

  • Please enter the full name and role at the school of the person submitting this survey (e.g. Sara Smith, 3rd grade teacher).
  • Your Garden Coordinator was identified during the completion of PLG-S 101. This person will serve as our primary point of contact representing the school in matters related to PLG.
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    Please list the staff, faculty and any community members who contributed to the completion of PLG-S 101 and the submission of this form. Please list their name and position (e.g. Sara Smith, 5th grade teacher).
  • Designated outdoor instructional spaces can include but are not limited to formal outdoor classrooms, learning gardens, outdoor seating areas, weather stations, Tinker spaces, greenhouses, animal pens, or any space other than the playground that was designed specifically for teachers and students to visit for instructional purposes.
  • This photo should be from eye level, different from the aerial photo you submit in your Planner.
  • If using the Pre-PLG Schoolwide Survey provided in PLG-S 101, please tally the total number of teachers who reported a "3" or "5."
  • Outdoor activities can be tied to specific projects or integration instruction on an ongoing or periodic basis. Working in designated outdoor learning spaces and exploring undeveloped green spaces on campus should be considered.
  • The dishes offered in taste tests may have been cooked or raw, but recipes should have included the preparation of whole fresh fruits or vegetables to be counted.
  • Your goal may be quantitative or qualitative, but you should be able to demonstrate work toward this goal over time. For example, if your goal is to expose more students to fresh food taste tests, you should be prepared to keep track of the number of taste tests taking place during the school year, and collect photos that demonstrate work toward this goal. This can be the same goal you described in PLG-G 101.
  • We will ask for at least three photographs during the next semester to demonstrate teachers' work toward this goal. In addition, you may consider repeating surveys to collect data from teachers each quarter or semester.