Join the Hero Society

Project Hero is a dynamic web system that connects kids with biodiversity data to learn about locally threatened and endangered species, and guide them on a Hero’s Quest to help those species. As in every Quest, they will face challenges along the way, and will be encouraged to seek help and wisdom from experts and mentors – members of the Hero Society – who are passionate and knowledgeable about supporting biodiversity on earth for generations to come.

This is where we need you!

Members of the Hero Society have expertise and knowledge about various aspects of healthy and vibrant ecosystems, and are willing to support kids and classes on their Hero Quests to help species in trouble. Project Hero is a new program, so the possibilities for how members of the Hero Society can participate are still evolving, but will likely entail:

  • Answering questions about species and conservation projects via email
  • Presenting to a class or group, either virtually (via Skype) or in person if it’s close
  • Writing and/ or editing kid-friendly descriptions of species
  • Providing or verifying  photographs of threatened and endangered species to give them a face
  • Connecting kids to local and regional conservation projects

We know conservation heroes have a lot of work to do – we will be sure to limit the amount of contact you receive. Please join the Hero Society and help empower the next generation to be heroes for species in trouble!

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