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The Captain Planet Foundation is excited to be partnering with Cox Enterprises to provide schools and youth-serving organizations across the US with ecoSTEM Kits to engage students in the exploration of environmental systems and solutions! These custom-curated and designed collections of lessons and materials faciliate ecoSTEM learning and using the environment as a context for applying knowledge.

If you have been provided with a Cox Enterprise coupon code, you are eligible to order one kit to be donated to a youth-serving organization in your community. Please review the kits below and make your selection using the form that follows. The kit will be shipped to your office prior to your scheduled event, and you will be provided with supporting resources to help you run a fun and engaging ecoSTEM event.

ecoSTEM Kits

cox PolliNation EcoStem
Water ecoSTEM Kit

Earth ecoSTEM Kit

This kit provides students with several ways to explore Earth systems and solutions, and each kit includes: mini-stream tables, soil test kits, a drip irrigation kit, a see-through composter to observe worms at work, and a tumbling composter to create compost and improve soil health.

Cox volunteers will use the mini-stream tables and soil test kits to help students observe erosion and analyze soil composition. Time permitting, the drip irrigation kit offers a chance for students to engineer a water solution in the school garden or grounds; OR Cox volunteers can work with students to design a project to recycle, reduce landfill, and compost uneaten cafeteria waste to improve soil health.

Pollinator ecoSTEM Kit

This kit provides everything you need to create a pollinator garden, including: a gift card for a raised bed, hand lenses, bug viewers, field microscopes, a wagon, and garden tools. The kit also includes a set of milkweed seeds for students to plant at home, a butterfly rearing kit, and a citizen science project related to monarch butterflies.

Cox volunteers will take a schoolyard tour with students to explore, identify, and catalogue any existing vegetation that provides food or habitat for pollinators; and work with students to design the pollinator bed location and native plant plan needed for a robust school pollinator garden (to be installed at a later date).

Water ecoSTEM Kit

This kit provides multiple activities and experiments to explore water resources, including: a water cycle model set [create rain!], water health testing kits, ocean plastic samples and lessons, storm drain stencil kits, and more.

Cox volunteers will set up the water cycle kit which enables students to model evaporation and precipitation; and if a local stream or water source is available, work with students to use the water quality monitoring kit to investigate water health by testing physical and chemical parameters.

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