Air Chemistry in the Garden

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Air Chemistry in the Garden Students will conduct an ozone bio-monitoring citizen science project and other investigations of air pollution in the vicinity of the school garden. Students will also create a classroom air-filtering garden and explore ways to reduce air pollution using an online interactive app. Concepts: Air Pollution … Read more

Understanding Biomonitoring

  EXPLORATION UPPER ELEMENTARY |  SCIENCE Understanding Biomonitoring Students will learn about biomonitoring and its use in monitoring air pollution. Time 45 Minutes Setting Inside Collection Group AIR POLLUTION DETECTING GARDENS   Standards S3L2. Students will recognize the effects of pollution and humans on the environment. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.3.2. Determine the main idea of a text; recount the … Read more

Air Pollution-Detecting Gardens

COLLECTION UPPER ELEMENTARY  |  SCIENCE Air Pollution-Detecting Gardens Students will learn about biomonitoring – what it means, how it is used, and how we can use it to learn more about our schoolyard garden. Essential Questions What is biomonitoring and how can it help us recognize the effects of pollution? How can we use biomonitoring … Read more