Planeteers – Rise Up for Kids vs Global Warming


Alec Loorz, the 2010 CPF “Young Superhero for the Earth” Award Winner and founder of Kids vs Global Warming, is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit citing the US Government’s failure to protect the atmosphere.

The groundbreaking atmospheric trust case, Alec L, et al., vs. McCarthy, et al. will be heard before the Court of Appeals on May 2 in Washington DC.  Planeteers, YOU can be part of this historic event in two ways:

1. If you are in the DC area, help fill the Court of Appeals, 333 Constitution Ave, NW at 8:30 am.  We need as many young people in the gallery as possible.

2. If you can’t come in person, donate to cover expenses so the youth plaintiffs who filed this lawsuit can attend.

Dr. James Hansen, formerly of NASA’s Goddard Institute, will be attending the hearing, along with plaintiffs, supporters from iMatter and other youth organizations.   Dr. Hansen’s prescription, written with 11 of the world’s top climate scientists, provide the backbone of the remedy they seek in their lawsuit:  a national Climate Recovery Plan based on science rather than politics.

Also expected to attend are oil industry lobbyists, who are co-defendants with the Federal Government, and are fighting for their right to pollute as much carbon into the atmosphere as they desire.

“My generation knows that this planetary crisis will require a human shift of massive proportions. We cannot create that shift alone.  We need our government, our leaders, businesses and our elders to understand that it is unethical and can no longer be legal to pollute our atmosphere as if there are no consequences.  Our futures depend on a society that lives according to the implicit demands of the public trust doctrine.  We trust the legal system to protect our right to a livable planet.”

– Alec Loorz, lead plaintiff
Founder, Kids vs Global Warming

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