Captain Planet on Boomerang for Earth Day!

Based on the critically-acclaimed animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) was co-founded in 1991 by media mogul Ted Turner and producer Barbara Pyle as a corporate foundation of TBS.

In 2002, CPF separated from TBS and became a 501(c)3 public charity, with the stated mission to work collaboratively to engage and empower young people to be problem solvers for the planet.


December 6

Ocean Heroes Caribbean Bootcamp

In December, CPF & Lonely Whale, in partnership with Plastic Free Cayman, Fish ‘N Fins (Montserrat), and Guardians of the Reef (Bermuda) develop and deliver the first regional Bootcamp for youth in the Caribbean. This virtual training engages more than 100 young people from 19 Caribbean islands and territories and encourages them to collaborate across islands to solve issues of plastic pollution policies, mangrove & coral restoration, and deepening their..Read More
June 19

Ocean Heroes Virtual Bootcamp

In June, a virtual Ocean Heroes Bootcamp is developed and engages 400+ youth from 40 nations across a full week to develop campaigns in ocean activism work. Within a week of Bootcamp completing 110 campaigns have already been submitted and initiated.
May 1

Project Giving Gardens

In May, Project Giving Gardens is established in partnership with Food Well Alliance to leverage school garden spaces abandoned during closures to grow fresh produce for families across metro-Atlanta hardest hit by COVID food insecurity. Ten (10) urban growers are quickly hired and over 100,000 lbs of garden-grown produce is harvested and distributed to Atlanta families (roughly 400,000 servings).
March 12

COVID-19 Response

In March, following the declaration of a global pandemic, CPF quickly shifts its work to developing virtual programming and leveraging existing educational content and systems to support students learning from home as well as families and communities impacted by the crisis.
June 28

Ocean Heroes Bootcamp 2019

CPF & Lonely Whale, along with 10 additional partner organizations, host the 2nd Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in Vancouver, Canada, which drew 340 young people from 24 nations to participate. OHBC is provided free of charge to all attendees; and nearly 100 participants also received full travel scholarships, including youth from 18 nations.
March 25

Project Hero Launch

Project Hero platform goes live with two Quests focused on Pollinator Species (nationally) and the Freshwater Systems of Minnesota.
June 28

Ocean Heroes Bootcamp

CPF partners with Lonely Whale to design and deliver the first Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in New Orleans to empower young people passionate about the plastic pollution crisis and its effect on the health of the ocean. OHBC launches in June as a 4-day intensive training for youth ages 11-18 to become more effective agents of change and campaign implementers.
July 5

PLG Expansion

Learning Garden opens 10 new gardens in the LA Unified School District & launches in the UK in cooperation with Garden Organic & Seeds of Change.
June 29

Project Hero Pilot

Project Hero pilots in GA, CO, TX, and CA, as a project based learning tool and framework that connects kids to information about locally threatened species, and guides them on a Quest to uncover and implement solutions.  
August 24

25th Anniversary & ecoSTEM

CPF celebrates its 25th anniversary as an organization, and launches a partnership with DonorsChoose.org making best practice hands-on science learning, citizen science, field investigations, and youth-led stewardship projects available through curated EcoSTEM Resource Kits in the subjects of: Pollinators, Renewable Energy, Soils & Decomposition and Water Stewardship.
August 24

Celebration Series & 200 Gardens

In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the animated series, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, CPF hosts the Celebration Series – seven events in five cities (Atlanta, London, New York, Paris, and San Francisco). CPF installs its 200th Project Learning Garden school and adds a fifth (5) FoodCorps member to support the Garden-to-Cafeteria pilot program in partnership with Atlanta Public Schools, Sodexo, and Kaiser Permanente.
August 24

Project Hero

CPF convenes a group of a dozen like-minded conservation and education foundations in Bozeman, MT to discuss a collaborative project to engage K-12 students and their natural empathy for endangered species in a solution-driven web platform to restore habitat loss and reverse biodiversity decline. Participants included: Defenders of Wildlife, E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, NatureServe, and the Turner Endangered Species Fund. From that meeting, Project..Read More
August 24

SAGES & Millionth Student Impacted

Under an MOU with Georgia Department of Education, the CPF Education Leadership Center begins working with exemplary science teachers to develop SAGES (Science for All Generations Through Environmental Leadership) – a curriculum that uses the Framework for K-12 education to teach three-dimensional science using the environment as a context for relevant projects and assessments. In the late Fall, CPF directly funds its ONE MILLIONTH child in project-based environmental change-making. CPF..Read More
August 24

New Team & Programs

CPF hires Leesa Carter-Jones as the new Executive Director and the team begins implementing its first operating program, Project Learning Garden in the Atlanta-metro region under the direction of Kyla Van Deusen. That same year, CPF begins building the Education Leadership Center, under the direction of Karan Wood, to begin sharing best practices, resources, and hands-on learning projects in environmental science to the K-12 educational community.
August 24

1st Annual Captain Planet Foundation Gala

During the 20th year celebration, the annual Captain Planet Foundation Gala is born and the Board of Directors develops a new strategic vision for the Foundation. They instruct the staff to review the 20 years of grant-funded projects to determine if there are “best practice” programs and projects that the Foundation can operate to scalable model programs.
August 24

CPF gets rights to show

CPF acquires the rights to exhibit previous episodes of Captain Planet and the Planeteers online and on-air, allowing this valuable resource to reach out and educate the children of today!
August 24

Down to Earth Day Kids Fest

CPF launches its inaugural Down to Earth Day Kids Fest. In its first year, it brings together over 500 youth and their families to celebrate Earth Day by sampling some of the amazing activities that local environmental education partners have to offer the Atlanta community.
August 24

Captain Planet Foundation becomes independent public nonprofit

In the face of a challenging merger with AOL, Time Warner decides to shut down the Captain Planet Foundation. Two of Atlanta’s most dedicated environmental activists, Laura Turner Seydel, the daughter of Ted Turner, and her husband Rutherford were so impassioned by the grassroots efforts of the Foundation to educate and empower youth that they saved the day by working with Time Warner to orchestrate the transition of the corporate..Read More
August 24

Final season of Captain Planet & Planeteers airs

After six years of inspiring eco-adventures, Captain Planet and the Planeteers airs its final season. Throughout its original run, the series received multiple Emmy Nominations, Environmental Media Awards, Parents’ Choice, and Genesis Awards, proving that education doesn’t have to come at the expense of entertainment. Captain Planet and the Planeteers’ legacy continues today in a worldwide movement of youth whose lives were inspired by its message.
August 24

Captain Planet Foundation is established

The Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) is born when series Producer Barbara Pyle negotiates a percentage of the show’s merchandising revenue to empower young people, putting Captain Planet’s message of environmental stewardship and teamwork into practice. Schools and organizations around the world present their environmental projects to the Foundation and receive seed money to grow their ideas. The CPF receives hundreds of proposals annually to empower young people to become Planeteers..Read More