Planeteer Alliance


The Planeteer Alliance is a global community of passionate young people transforming their impatience for change into action for the climate and planet

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Through the Planeteer Alliance, CPF has delivered environmental leadership and campaign design training to 5,500+ young people from 90 different nations over the last 8 years. 

This youth-designed and youth-led program offers global environmental advocates and change agents a consistent and reliable home for solutions, trainings, resources, opportunities, and a peer community that meets in a safe environment. Planeteers learn, share ideas, collaborate, cheer each other on, and pick each other up when they falter – harkening back to the original mythology of Captain Planet & the Planeteers – “By YOUR powers combined, I am Captain Planet!”

It’s the Season of Solutions!

It’s Season of Solutions time at the Planeteer Alliance! Planeteer leadership [ages 10-25] from around the world are crowdfunding for their Climate Solution Campaigns. Projects get an initial $50 investment from Captain Planet Foundation. When projects raise at least $200 additional dollars, CPF will MATCH those funds. You can make a huge difference by supporting these projects!


Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation


UN Environment - United Nations Environment Programme