• This Year's Gatsby & Gardens Gala Honorees!

    Join us for Gatsby & Gardens Gala Friday, December 7th, 2018

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  • This Year's Gatsby & Gardens Gala Young Superhero for Earth Award Honorees!

    Some of the most active members of the 2018 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp will receive the Young Superhero for Earth Award

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  • Beautiful photos from successful Project Learning Garden pilot in London!

    This past year Garden Organic implemented Project Learning Garden in 30 primary schools around London. With funding by Seeds of Change.

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Blog / News

Students Combat the Decrease of Burrowing Owls

Grantee: Audubon Arizona – Phoenix, AZ Project Title: The Downtown Owls Project Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: Due to habitat loss and climate...

DIY Girls Create a Reusable Tent / Backpack

Grantee: DIY Girls – Pacoima, CA Project Title: Making for Good Grant Type: ecoSolution The goal of the project is...

Data Collection and Monitoring of Microplastics

Grantee: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Academy – Ft. Pierce / FL Project Title: Data Collection and Monitoring of Microplastics in the Indian River...

Designing Rain Gardens for California Drought

Grantee: Pueblo Vista Magnet School – Napa, CA Project Title: Designing Rain Gardens for California Drought Grant Type: ecoSolution Description:...

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For many species of birds, there is a shortage of great places to nest. There may be birds that would love to call your habitat home, but they have a specific nesting requirement which needs to be met.