Empowering Next Generation Changemakers

For 30 years, we've been committed to working collaboratively to
engage and empower young people to be problem solvers for the planet.

Our Programs

Providing schools with strategies for building effective and long-lasting garden-based learning programs.

Challenging and guiding students to make a meaningful difference for local endangered species.

A ChangeMakers Program

Supporting, connecting, training, and empowering youth to become successful campaigners for environmental, social, and community-impact issues.

The Power is Yours!

Racial Justice is Environmental Justice. Help us support the young Changemakers of today as we work to build a more just and safe world for all people!

Give Today to Feed Atlanta Families!

Every donation counts! Join us in directly helping students affected by school closures by providing fresh fruits and vegetables from school and community garden-grown food, and helping build more young changemakers who love nature and grow their own food!

Resources for Learning from Home

We've curated our resources for K-12 students to continue learning and exploring their environment from anywhere!