Empowering Next Generation Changemakers

For 30 years, we've been working collaboratively to
engage and empower young people to be problem solvers for the planet.

Our Programs

Providing schools with strategies for building effective and long-lasting garden-based learning programs and healthy food access.

Putting school gardens and young urban gardeners to work in the summer months to provide fresh, organically-managed produce to food banks and food pantries.

Challenging and guiding students to make a meaningful difference for locally threatened and endangered species and ecosystems.

Supporting, connecting, training, and empowering youth to become successful campaigners for environmental, social, and community-impact issues.

30th Anniversary Gala

March 19, 2022

The Power is Yours!

Social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice are all linked. And they all require an understanding of the levers for change to create a better future for all. See how young people are fighting for a better future with the Planeteer Alliance.

Give Today to Feed Atlanta Families!

Every donation counts! So far we have helped over 500,000 community members by providing over 120,000 lbs of community garden-grown produce, and helping support more young urban growers.

Students using a computer

Learning from Home

Teaching, learning, or mentoring virtually? Check out Project Hero as a free online resource that engages young people to be heroes for local species and ecosystems.