Project Learning Garden

Project Learning Garden™ provides schools
with outdoor learning laboratories

Gardens in the schoolyard are effective outdoor learning spaces for students to engage in inquiry-driven, project-based learning across all disciplines.

Project Learning Garden™ was designed based on: 1) Best practices in project-based learning; 2) Best practices in schoolyard garden programs;  and 3) Research into what practices shape eating behaviors in children as they grow. The holistic program that emerged provides participating schools with five major elements to support their garden-based learning programs.

Project Learning Garden provides:

Gardens & Tools

Project Learning Garden™ provides schools with raised garden beds, soil, seeds, cart & tools, and interpretive signs to get you started.

Curriculum & Kits

Project Learning Garden™ provides educators with lessons & activities as well as the books and materials necessary to carry them out.

Mobile Cooking Cart

Project Learning Garden™ provides schools with a fully equipped mobile cooking cart that allows easy preparation of produce from gardens.

Professional Learning

Project Learning Garden™ offers educators opportunities to explore and learn garden-based learning strategies and lessons.

Program Support

Getting your schoolyard garden program started and established can be challenging. Project Learning Garden™ offers tools and strategies for growing and sustaining your program.

PLG Library

Project Learning Garden™ is a holistic schoolyard garden program that offers an outdoor classroom and laboratory where learning can come to life. Explore the many resources and activities we offer to make your program successful.

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