Captain Planet Foundation works collaboratively to
engage and empower young people to be problem solvers for the planet.

"When we connect with nature, we heal ourselves. When we protect nature, we heal the planet." - Ted Turner

What We Do

CPF is both a grant-making foundation and a programmatic foundation. Through its small grant program, it has funded over 2,700 hands-on environmental education projects with schools and non-profits that serve children in all 50 U.S. states and in 35 countries internationally. More than 1.6 million children have directly participated in and benefited from these educational projects.

In addition to providing small grants, CPF operates the following programs: Project Learning Garden (providing schools with onsite learning laboratories and healthy food access); Project Hero (a web-based and project-based learning platform for students to save locally threatened species & ecosystems); and ChangeMakers (direct action and campaign training for young people that promotes their ability to leverage the intersections between technology, innovation, the environment and personal action).

Through its four (4) main program areas, CPF invests in high-quality, solution-based programs that empower youth to become environmental stewards and global environmental change-makers:

Why We Do It

The environmental challenges facing the planet today and into the foreseeable future defy old answers and rote solutions. Climate change, habitat and biodiversity loss, population growth and migration, resource depletion, globalization – these changes present complex problems that will demand a different set of skills from the next generation of global citizens.

Tomorrow’s problem solvers need to be able to: think critically and creatively; examine and explore situations; innovate and design workable solutions; and see the relationship between local & global systems. They need to be active and motivated citizens who have learned to embrace their empathy and work together to create a sustainable, livable future for all. These future leaders, professionals, scientists, and citizens are today’s PreK – 12th grade students.

Captain Planet Foundation is committed to empowering them with the skills, knowledge, and relationships they’ll need to create & contribute to a community of solutions for the planet.

Our Values



We have a strong bias for collaboration.



We believe children benefit from experiences in nature.



We recognize the value of biodiversity and respect for all life.



We celebrate fun, optimism, and empowerment.