Creating a Generation of Heroes

Project Hero is a free, project-based learning tool and framework that engages young people in Quests to help threatened species & ecosystems in their own communities.

Each Quest offers a unique learning and activation journey that focuses on locally-relevant environmental issues. Quests present multi-media content, lessons, and activities to help students explore and understand the threats to local species and ecosystems. Each Quest culminates in students designing and implementing a hands-on project to make a meaningful impact in their environment.

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Quests are unique pathways developed in partnership with expert organizations
to explore and address environmental challenges in your own community.

MN Freshwater Quest

Quest issued by Wilderness Inquiry

Region: Minnesota

Target Grade Bands: 5th-8th

Ecosystem: Freshwater systems of MN

Grants Available

Pollinator Quest

Quest issued by Captain Planet Foundation

Region: US (50 states + Puerto Rico)

Target Grade Bands: 3rd-5th

Ecosystem: Pollinator Species

Grants Available

Soil Quest

Quest issued by Kiss the Ground

Region: US (50 states + Puerto Rico)

Target Grade Bands: 5th-8th

Ecosystem: Soil Ecosystems; Climate

Grants Available

Wolf Coexistence Quest

Quest issued by Captain Planet Foundation

Region: US (50 States)

Target Grade Bands: 6-12th

Ecosystem: Wolf/Human Coexistence