Our Commitment

When the Captain Planet Foundation was founded in 1991, we committed to work for the planet. Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are inextricably linked to this original intent and also to the show that influenced the founding of the Foundation (Captain Planet and the Planeteers)

While we have not always centered justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in how we think about our work and how we engage our community, we have formed this statement to recommit to intentional action. 

For us, this means our organization will:

  1. Represent the communities that we serve on our Board, Staff, and across all programs;
  2. Actively demonstrate our commitment to centering justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the continuing education and training of the board and staff;
  3. Ensure that accessibility to all of our programs is prioritized, including addressing and implementing solutions to the inherent challenges of reaching and networking an alliance of global youth; 
  4. Accept our responsibility to give voice to and address the underlying systems that cause environmental injustice;
  5. Ensure that all programs specifically and actively invite and engage traditionally underrepresented and/or underserved communities;
  6. Celebrate and uplift the diversity of our youth participants.