Project Learning Garden

This program provides schools with strategies for building effective and long-lasting garden-based learning programs. Teachers are provided with hands-on training, curriculum aligned to national standards, lesson kits filled with supplies, a schoolyard garden, fully-equipped garden cooking cart, and strategies for summer garden maintenance.

Gardens provide a context for multidisciplinary learning, ranging from nutrition and science to social, studies, math and language arts. Students benefit by expanding their palates, taste-testing healthy foods, and learning about food origins; engaging in authentic science field investigations; manipulating the environment to understand math in real-life applications; recreating historical activities; and writing across all these disciplines.

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Project Hero

When kids learn about endangered species, there is an empathetic spark to want to DO something to help. Project Hero™ challenges and guides students on a Hero’s Quest to understand threats facing locally endangered species, and to design and implement a solution to make a meaningful difference.

The free web-based platform designed for use in the classroom is the collaborative effort of several national and regional conservation organizations with a vision of activating and mobilizing young people to support species and ecosystems across North America.  Project Hero will be pilot testing a Pollinator Quest in CA, CO, GA, and TX in the 2017-18 school year with national expansion to follow.

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CPF Institute

Core to the philosophy of The Institute @ CPF is that every science topic can be taught using students’ local environment as the context for learning. To that end, The Institute addresses all science topics, developing opportunities for students to participate in authentic research, an inquiry investigation, problem-solving, a design challenge, and central to the mission of CPF, implementation of an environmental stewardship project aligned with that topic.

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