Hannah Testa

Hannah Testa

Captain Planet Foundation Board

Founder, Sustainability Expert
2016 Young Superhero for Earth Award


Hailing from Georgia, Hannah Testa is passionate about animals and environmental issues that have an impact on wildlife. She believes that knowledge is power and that through education and awareness, she can affect positive change. She founded Hannah4Change to fight for issues that impact the planet and all of its animals.

Right from kindergarten, she has utilized her leadership skills to teach and influence others, and has truly become a voice for those that do not have a voice, including rhinos, elephants, horses, bears, dolphins, and orcas. She has raised money and awareness for various animal causes because she feels all animals deserve a right to live peacefully on this planet. One of her most successful fundraisers was one of her first events. At the young age of 10 she was featured on CBS News for spearheading a large fundraiser for a horse rescue farm in Georgia.

Hannah has presented to thousands of adults and children – as well as the Georgia Governor – on plastic pollution and practical ways residents can reduce their “plastic footprint”. In 2016, Hannah partnered with her state senator to proclaim February 15, 2017 as Plastic Pollution Awareness Day throughout the state of Georgia. This event was conceived and spearheaded by Ms. Testa to help educate Georgians about the growing crisis. Her goal is to make citizens and businesses aware that simple changes can greatly reduce our plastic footprint. Hannah’s call to action is for Georgian’s to avoid consumption of single-use plastic products such as plastic bottles, straws, and bags on at least one day out of the year. Hannah has gotten dozens of environmental leaders across the nation to support her efforts at the State Capitol.

Hannah has received numerous honors and awards, including the President’s Volunteer Service Award, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, and the Pioneer of Sustainability Award by Ted’s Montana Grill. She has been named Co-President of Animal Hero Kids since 2015 as well as Ambassador for 5 Gyres Institute and Plastic Pollution Coalition. In early 2016, the Georgia House and Senate both passed resolutions to recognize Hannah for her volunteer work.

Hannah’s plastic pollution advocacy efforts are the latest in her young career to speak up for issues that concern her, and others have taken note of her incredible work. “Hannah is a light of hope and is a true example to never underestimate a young person’s capability to evoke change. Its been a pleasure to watch her blossom and grow in passion and beauty inside and out”, states Angela Sun, award-winning sportscaster, film maker, producer, writer, and environmentalist.