Kaitlyn Gayle

Wisdom Council

Kaitlyn Gayle, 18, lives in Jamaica and has a passion for environmental work, particularly trying to protect aquatic regions. Kaitlyn was instrumental in forming Clean Up Our Act Jamaica, which is organizing youth to give Jamaica’s environment a fighting chance by conducting beach clean ups at least twice each month and planting trees across the island. Kaitlyn is an integral part of the island-wide ‘campaigns’ that allow helping the environment to be something that isn’t a rarity but instead has become a regular plan of action that anyone is able to do. Kaitlyn is focused on doing anything and everything possible to make sure Jamaica’s environment has a fighting chance to thrive for future generations. Outside of environmental advocacy, Kaitlyn is a sports fanatic and a fitness junkie who loves to read and be outside. That passion for being outside and on water has led Kaitlyn to an interest in pursuing marine biology and helping and trying to protect aquatic regions. Kaitlyn served as a Squad Leader for Ocean Heroes Bootcamps in 2020 and 2021 and on the Planeteer Alliance Design Squad in 2021. Kaitlyn became a Planeteer Ambassador in 2021.