Madeleine Morris

Wisdom Council

Madeleine Morris is a high school junior from Atlanta, Georgia. Originally born in Chicago, Madeleine has always enjoyed being immersed in nature. From spending the summers at the Great Lakes, to hiking the trails of North Georgia, and exploring mangrove forests in the rivers of South Florida, Madeleine has grown up learning to love and respect the world around her. From a young age, Madeleine has gravitated towards science as a passion. In middle school, she was a member of a Science Olympiad team that competed at the national level every year. One of her first Science Olympiad events was Wind Power, competing to design the most effective wind turbine blades. Madeleine has continued to focus on her studies in the sciences, incorporating traditional courses in the physical sciences with multidisciplinary courses such as one that explored the impacts of religion and culture on the environment. Madeleine spends much of her free time playing lacrosse, regularly competing with her club team at national tournaments. When not in the classroom or on the field, she can be found rowing on the Chattahoochee River.