Robin Okunowo

Program Manager, Planeteer Alliance

Robin Okunowo (she/her) joined the Captain Planet Foundation full time in 2021 after serving as an intern during her junior year of college when she came to CPF to assist with the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in 2019. Quickly she learned that her expertise was integrating social activism and justice into the climate work of the next generation. In her full time role at CPF, she supports the work of young climate activists through all pillars of the Planeteer Alliance and Green Heart STEM Challenge for Environmental Justice programs.

Robin is an advocate for environmental and social justice in all facets of life. In her educational career, she curated a dual degree in Environmental Studies and Philosophy to study the climate crisis through a lens of equity, justice, empathy, and hope. She has dedicated her professional work to empowering young people to be impactful changemakers.

Outside of the office, Robin has found a love for the sport of triathlon, and completed 140.6 in April 2023.