Atlanta Sustainability Examiner covers CPF and The Nature Conservancy partnership garden install

Greening the next generation
Posted: April 4
By Cheryl Eaton- Atlanta Sustainability Examiner

Arabia Mountain High, a DeKalb county magnet school with a focus on environmental, energy and engineering education, has a long rich environmental history. It was built on land rich with natural habitats; surrounded by 2,000 acres of undeveloped property. As you stand in front of the building it dominates the surrounding green space, all is quiet from human interaction as students sit in their classrooms with wide windows to observe the view. All of a sudden you stop and stand in peace from the daily grind of the city for a moment and listen to the symphony of nature and as the ears hear the notes, automatically the eyes close and you find a deep breath is appropriate before walking into the building to sign in as a visitor. An unforgettable moment, after driving over an hour to discover the gardens and discuss the environmental science program.
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