Atlanta Schools, Join the Plastic Film Challenge of 2016 in honor of Kids Recycle Day!

We invite you to take part in our efforts to raise environmental awareness at your school. Live Thrive Atlanta’s Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM), in collaboration with Atlanta Public Schools, the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, and Captain Planet, brings you the Plastic Film Challenge of 2016 in honor of Kids Recycle Day!

The Contest:
During November 7 thru 11, all APS Schools participating in the Kid’s Recycle Day Event will bring their Clean, Dry, Empty Plastic Bags and Film Packaging to school. The winning school will receive $350.00 to go towards environmental programs within the school community. Second and third-place schools will receive $250.00 and $150.00, respectively, to go towards such environmental programs. All participating schools will be recognized at the Kid’s Recycle Day Celebration on Saturday, November 12 at the CHaRM located in Grant Park (1110 Hill Street).

What are examples of Plastic Bags and Film Packaging? REMEMBER Plastics should be clean (no food residue) and dry!!!!!

Plastics that are part of the Plastic Fill Challenge include:
– LDPE / HDPE Films
– Newspaper Sleeves
– Bread Bags
– Product Wrap
– Cereal Liners
– Food Storage Bags
– Ice Bags
– Pellet Bags
– Produce Bags
– Dry Cleaning Bags
– Grocery Bags
– Case Overwrap
– Packaging Air Pillows
– Salt Bags

How to get involved:
Sign-up here:
Also, download the flyer.