Exploring For The Birds

Lehigh County Conservation District – Allentown, PA
Project Title: Bird Exploration

Funding from a Small Grant was used to implement a Bird Exploration program at Orefield Middle School serving 1,078 students. 90 students participated in the installation of the bird features which included bird houses, bird feeders, and bird baths. The installation process included an educational component where students observed the location of the bird features, filling up the bird bath with water, filling up the bird feeder with seed, and instructions on how to maintain the bird features.


1078 students will indirectly benefit from the installation of the bird features. These students will be able to visit the courtyard where the bird features are installed, to observe birds. Observing birds provides students the opportunity to study local wildlife, seasonal plumage change, migration, behavior, nesting, and eating patterns, while serving as a living laboratory that provides a real-world context for lessons across several subject areas. The program engaged youth in inquiry-based projects in STEM fields, while creating habitat, and providing a source of food, water, and cover for native birds.

In addition, the project allowed students to make meaningful connections between school, their community, and the environment. Bird Exploration is a great way to introduce youth to environmental appreciation without costly field trips, and allows future classes to study and enjoy the environmental and educational benefits.

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