Bring Back the Monarchs!

Monarch butterflies are disappearing. Their caterpillars eat only milkweed plants and loss of milkweed patches, exacerbated by use of herbicides, has contributed to the butterfly’s decline. But students across the country can come to the rescue by planting milkweed!

Monarch Watch and the Natural Resources Defense Council are offering a free flat of 32 small milkweed plants to selected schools and non-profits that successfully complete an 8 page application, agree to care for the milkweeds, pledge $33 for a “Monarch Waystation” sign, and plant additional nectar plants for adult monarchs. Planting milkweed in May will help ensure that monarch caterpillars have a food source this summer and offer students a fascinating opportunity to study the southward migration of these beautiful butterflies next fall, as the last monarch generation of the season flies all the way to Mexico for winter.